What is the Mantis FS2?

The FS2 is a 2 DOF motion simulator with a seating position similar to that found in formula series racing cars.

What does DOF stand for?

DOF stands for Degrees Of Freedom. There are 6 DOF (surge, sway, heave, pitch, roll and yaw) and they refer to the freedom of movement of a rigid body in 3D space.

What DOF does the FS2 provide?

The FS2 provides up to 22° of pitch and 28° of roll which can be used to simulate g-forces and chassis movement of a racing car. The FS2 tilts backwards to provide the sensation of accelerating and forwards to mimic breaking forces. Tilting from side to side gives the sensation of centrifugal forces while cornering. The FS2 can also provide chassis movement details, such as when taking a banked corner, travelling up/down hill or going over bumps on the track.

Can the FS2 be used on PC and consoles?

Currently, the FS2 can only be used with a PC utilising Simtools software.

What games are supported?

The list of supported games is extensive, including popular titles such as Assetto Corsa, iRacing, Automobilista 2, Assetto Corsa Competizione and Project Cars 2. Check out the plugin library at Simtools for more info.

Can it be used with VR?

The FS2 is designed to be primarily used with VR. A monitor can be used but a higher level of immersion can be reached in VR. Mounting a monitor directly to the FS2 is not recommended. Any profile can be used for VR, but it is recommended that the 'Chassis' profiles are selected when using a monitor. For the best experience it is recommend that a form of motion compensation is used while using the FS2 with VR, or by switching off head tracking in your VR headset to enable 3 DOF mode. Support for motion compensation is not provided.

Can the FS2 be used for racing non-formula style cars?

Yes, the FS2 can be used for any in-game vehicle and also suits a LMP/GT3 style seating position.

Can the FS2 be used to simulate motion for anything other than racing games?

The FS2 can be used for any game that outputs motion telemetry, including flight and roller coaster simulators, such as Elite Dangerous Horizons and Epic Roller Coasters (game plugin must be available).

Is it plug and play?

The FS2 is supplied in kit form and requires self-assembly (using basic tools such as hex keys, spanners and screwdrivers - not supplied) with detailed build instructions provided. Wiring for the electrical components is necessary, but all cables are supplied pre-crimped, so installing them is a simple task. Once the FS2 has been built the software is setup via a provided installation file and takes a few minutes. A self build kit allows us to keep the price competitively low.

What is included?

The following is included in the FS2 kit:

Mechanical parts:

- T-slot aluminium profile

- Seat mounting plates

- Wheel mounting plate

- Pedal mounting plate

- Electronics mounting plate

- All fixing bolts, nuts and plates

- Universal joint

- 2x Motor lever

- 2x toggle clamps

- Profile end caps

- 3D printed pot gears and cable tidies

- Pot mounting brackets

- Power socket mounting bracket

- Threaded rod

- 4x rod ends 

- 2x Gas struts

    - spacers (XL model only) 

      Electrical parts:

      - 2x 24V 400W DC motor with 1:60 gearbox

      - 2x 360° hall effect potentiometer

      - 24V 42A DC switching power supply

      - C14 switched power socket

      - C13 power lead (UK customers only)

      - Sabertooth 2x32 motor driver

      - 4x wire wound resistors

      - Arduino Uno R3 (clone)

      - All pre-crimped electrical cables

      - Emergency stop button

          FS2 Kit

          What isn’t included?

          The seat and C13 power lead (for non-UK customers) are not included.

          Why is the seat not included?

          The FS2 is exclusively designed to fit the RCC-MK8-2S seat by LusoMotors and must be purchased directly from them. LusoMotors offers an unparalleled amount of seat customisation options, including surface finish and colour, seat padding styles and embroidered logos. Due to this, it is more efficient and cost-effective to purchase the seat directly from the manufacturer. The RCC-MK8-2S is offered in standard and XL sizes. Please check Lusomotors website for sizing guides. The FS2 is available in two versions to accommodate these. All buyers of the FS2 are able to purchase the seat at a discounted rate.

          Why is the power cable not included?

          Due to specific country power plug requirements, it is necessary to purchase a suitable C13 power lead locally.

          How long does it take to build the simulator?

          Depending on the ability of the user, it will take anywhere between 3-5 hours to build the FS2.

          What software is provided?

          The FS2 requires Simtools installed on a Windows PC.

          Simtools is not provided and a licence must be purchased. The reason for this is that Simtools offers licences depending on the use case (private/commercial). Licenses can be purchased here.

          What wheel and pedals can be mounted?

          The wheel and pedal plates have mounting holes for most major peripheral brands, including Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Logitech, Simucube, and Heusinkveld (dimensioned drawings will be made available).

          Where do you ship to?

          We currently ship worldwide - free of charge!

          How can I get in contact?

          Please email info@mantis-simulators.co.uk with your enquiries.

          When will my simulator be dispatched?

          All orders received before 5pm on Monday will be shipped the following Friday.